Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65

Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65

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Product Description :

Fold down ceiling Tv lift - type TVL-RH allows a flat TV screen to be concealed in a drywall ceiling, wood or concrete in an invisible way.

The product allows to store  a screen up to 100" in a double ceiling.

The lift can be controlled by a remote control or a dry contact, the mechanism opens a door hinge to a perfect viewing angle of 100°.
When the lift is closed it will fit perfectly flush with the existed ceiling line. 

The lift is designed and engineered to provide a perfect solution for a wide range of installation types and ceilings. The TV mount suits all types of VESA standard screens worldwide.

The lift mechanism moves extremely quiet, quick and efficient.

Features :

  • The thinnest in the world, only 15.2 cm (5.9), including the finish. 
  • Assembly quality and perfect finish.
  • Extremely quiet lift measuring up to 32 dB.
  • Includes MDF finishing board cut by CNC for perfect accuracy.
  • The product can be connected to a smart home. (Dry contact)
  • Full warranty 3 years.
  • Anti-Rust Coating.
  • Perfect viewing angle up to 100 degrees.
  • Hidden service openings in the elevator for future service without damaging the ceiling.
  • Super high quality white paint, Ral-9016 electrostatic powder coat in oven. 
  • Winning services and high availability.