Decorative Stainless Steel TV Stand 77
Decorative Stainless Steel TV Stand 77

Decorative Stainless Steel TV Stand 77

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TV-TC allows to set a flat TV screen in a prestigious and unique solution.        

The Product allows rotate the screen in all directions up to 350°.     

The product including a Premium cover on the back of the TV screen for creating a perfect back view.      

 During installation, can adjust the viewing height of the screen.      

The product produced from 100% natural stainless steel, model 304 polished tube diameter 2.5"

Possible to order in any size, the diameter and shape and any size screen up to 100" on request and customized.

The product designed and planned to provide solutions for all types of VESA standard screens worldwide.

Product Description : 

1. The height of the screen can be adjusted during installation.

2. Raw material 304 stainless steel painted in powder in the oven or in a natural shade.

3. The screen can be rotated 350 degrees manually, easily and simply.

4. Hidden cable passage inside the pipe.

5. 64 cm wide and 43 cm high back cover for hiding wires and connectors on the back of the screen.

6. A satellite converter and other equipment can be stored inside the back cover.

7. Possibility to install above or below the flooring (must be specified in advance in the order).

8. Rozeta for the base to hide the screws and get a clean and luxurious look,

9. The column height is 145 cm,

10. Suitable for viewing in a sitting position,

11. Can be ordered in any size.

12. Can be ordered in any additional color at an additional charge.