Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel
Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel

Fold Down Ceiling TV Lift 65 + Swivel


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Product Description :

Fold down ceiling TV lift + Swivel - TVL-RHS series allows a TV screen up to 65 in to be install in a drywall ceiling, wood or concrete in an invisible way.

The lift can be controlled by bluetooth App, remote control or RS-232, the mechanism opens the door hinge to a perfect viewing angle up 90°, and it can be rotate up to 350 degrees.

The door position can be saved by pushing a button, for a perfect viewing experience.

At a closed position, the lift will fit perfectly aligned with the existed ceiling line. 

The lift is designed and engineered to provide a perfect solution for a wide range of installation types and ceilings.

The TV mount fits to all types of VESA standard screens worldwide.

The lift mechanism works extremely quiet, quick and efficiently. 

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Super sophisticated Super comfortable

Features :

-Can be rotate up to 350 degrees.

-The position can be save by several options.

-Smart overload protection.

-Perfect viewing angle up to 90 degrees.

-Bluetooth control by Web App.

- Aeronautical optical sensors / lifetime warranty.

-High quality assembly.

-Extremely quiet function. Noise intensity up to 32dB.

-Includes MDF finishing board cut by CNC for perfect accuracy.

-The product can be connected to a smart home system.

-Anti-Rust Coating treatment.

-Perfect viewing angle up to 100 degrees.

-Hidden service openings.For future service (with no harm dun needed) without damaging the ceiling.

-Extremely high quality, white paint RAL-9016 electrostatic powder coating. 

-Highly human services and high availability.

-3 years Full warranty.

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