About Us

Founded in 2004, iConnect has grown to become one of the leading forces in the field of audio-video solutions and electrically motorized lifts for flat screens and projectors.

In order to expand the range of services and to ensure high quality products to our customers iConnect produces in innovative ways using Laser Beam Cutting, Tin Bending, Sheet Piercing, and CNC Machines.

iConnect developed unique methods of cutting with speed and efficiency in the field of metal work, with emphasis in high quality and innovation.
 Human capital
In order to provide each customer a comprehensive solution, IConnect unites experts renowned in the field of electronic equipment and laser cutting, control and development.
iConnect shows along the way advanced solutions and fast professional knowledge based on interdisciplinary, applied by professional teams.

IConnect clients include leading companies in the world in all a variety of fields and industries: Integration companies, stores, high-tech, medical, banking and finance, insurance, retail and trade, tourism, government, military, private customers.