Projector Lift 50/56
Projector Lift 50/56

Projector Lift 50/56


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Product Description :

Projector lift 50/56 allows a projector to be stored in a drywall ceiling, wood or concrete in invisible way.

The product have a Simple installation that allows easy and comfort way for final tuning in addition to a possibility of adjusting the viewing angle of the projector.

For installation require a minimal space of 26cm (10.2) (with standard projector).

By button pushing on the remote control, the projector lift mechanism drop down the projector to a perfect viewing angle. At the end of each line will be closed along with the existing ceiling in the same line secretly.

The lift designed and engineered to provide solutions for a wide suitable types of installations and ceiling.

The lift mechanism moving extremely quiet, quick and efficient. 

Features :

-Projector max size of 50/56cm (17.7/19.7)

-Maximum lifting weight 24kg (53lb)

-Maximum projector thickness 25cm (9.8)

-Hidden cable passage in the lift

-Can be ordered in any additional color for an additional fee

-Can be adjusted in 4 corners

-Assembly quality and perfect finish.

-Extremely quiet lift measuring up to 42dB.

-The product can be connected to a smart home. (Dry contact)

-Full warranty 3 years.

-Anti-Rust Coating.

-Super high quality white paint, RAL-9016 electrostatic powder coat in oven. 

-Winning services and high availability.

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Material: Galvanized iron

3 year warranty